Refund policy

In agreeing to our Terms , the Customer accepts that Broadcastjobs and Jobs.ScreenDaily is an advertising medium & cannot guarantee a particular level of response to adverts or the minimum number of CVs available through the CV Service.

Broadcastjobs and Jobs.ScreenDaily shall not be bound by any request from the Buyer to stop, cancel or suspend an Advertisement or Account unless such request is (i) in writing and (ii) provided to Broadcastjobs and Jobs.ScreenDaily before the go-live date or (iii) is confirmed in writing by Broadcastjobs and Jobs.ScreenDaily. All Advertisements or Accounts that go live are non-refundable.

If an advertisement contains an error caused by Broadcastjobs and Jobs.ScreenDaily and this detracts from the quality of the Advertisement then provided the Buyer gives written notice of the error in the Advertisement and before the vacancy expires Broadcastjobs and Jobs.ScreenDaily will at its discretion either:

(a) give the buyer credit for the cost of the Advertisement containing the error; or

(b) publish the Advertisement for a second time without charge to the Buyer

Any further customer queries should be e-mailed to: or