Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire
27 Mar 2017
24 Apr 2017
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Responsible to: Curriculum Coordination Manager

This is a full-time permanent position in our curriculum department, working closely with the Head of Department to ensure the smooth and efficient running of two of our diploma courses, at the award-winning National Film and Television School. Responsibilities include producing and distributing schedules of activities for all curriculum events and supporting the admissions and assessments process.

Ideally you will have some previous experience in film or television production, excellent planning and organisational skills and an ability to contribute to an evolving curriculum.

Purpose of the role

To act as curriculum co-ordinator, facilitating the smooth and efficient running of the Production Management for Film & Television and Assistant Directing & Floor Managing diplomas.

Core duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1. Working closely with the Head/s of Department and course tutors in planning the curriculum. Working closely with other Curriculum Co-ordinators in a team environment in the Curriculum Office to be aware of all other areas of the Curriculum to enable the effective flow of information.

2. Producing and distributing weekly schedules of activities for all curriculum events and providing organisational support in the co-ordinator’s areas of specialisation.

3. Booking seminar rooms, stages and screening venues on and offsite. Negotiating alterations and additions to the schedule.

4. Booking equipment, props, scenery, stock, lockers, design materials, transport. Ensuring that seminar rooms are ready for use by tutors and Heads of Department.

5. Monitoring budgets. Work closely with the head of department and Curriculum Finance Manager to maintain budgetary control, ensuring the department keeps within its financial limits.

6. Ensure the Curriculum Finance Manager is fully informed of all curriculum activities. Advise the Curriculum Finance Manager of any budgetary changes to modules e.g. additional tutor or actor days, etc.

7. Preparing contracts for and booking panel members for the admissions process. Booking rooms for the admissions process, working with Registry as required.

8. Preparing contracts for, and booking tutors, set dressers, actors and any other external staff needed for activities.

9. Providing support for open days and other external events relating to co-ordinator’s areas of specialisation that do not fall under the remit of the Events team.

10. Providing tours for potential applicants.

11. Creating risk assessments for workshops and attending any health and safety training sessions required.

12. Preparing paperwork for and coordinating workshop and module feedback, progress reviews and external assessments. Booking external assessors.

13. Revising and producing, in conjunction with the Head/s of Department, the Deputy Director and Director of Curriculum and Registrar, the specialisation’s section for inclusion in the Student Handbook.

14. Organising meetings of the Advisory Panel. This includes invitations, compiling curriculum information, setting up the venue and organising all hospitality.

15. Arranging travel, accommodation and accreditation for any students attending Festivals which do not fall within the remit of the Festivals Office.

16. Provide information relating to coordinator’s areas of specialisation for Curriculum Coordination Manager.

17. Assessing priorities and managing a heavy workload to ensure deadlines are met. Coordinating repeated re-organisation of the same event by tutors in the same or different specialisations.

18. Being aware of potential clashes, juggling priorities, being creative in problem solving. Discussing problems with the Head of Department and other curriculum coordinators to find an effective solution.

19. Keeping all students fully informed and updated. Dealing with student enquiries.

20. Keeping all departments informed about cross specialist workshops, modules, screenings and reviews.

21. Responding to the requirements of the Short Course Unit in respect of booking equipment and facilities in the absence of the Cinematography or Sound Recording coordinators.

22. Maintaining accurate planning documents, records and archive of all curriculum activities.

23. Providing cover for other co-ordinators in their absence during periods of holiday, sickness and at lunch times.

24. Undertaking any other duties as may be reasonably required in the position.

PM & AD/FM Specific Responsibilities

  1. Booking walkie talkies for workshops and shoots. Liaising with tutors and external contacts regarding work experience and or placements. Keeping a log of work experience placements and graduate careers.

Person specification

  • Previous experience in film or television production.
  • Excellent planning and organising skills, including the ability to order priorities and meet tight deadlines
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong IT skills
  • Ability to work within a small team
  • Ability to communicate clearly and confidently orally and in writing with a wide range of internal and external contacts.
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills with students and other stakeholders
  • An ability to contribute to an evolving curriculum and diploma courses.