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04 Mar 2015
01 Apr 2015
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Visiting Tutors in Editing will be experienced film and television professionals, preferably with current industry experience primarily in Feature Drama and/or Documentary. On appointment a Visiting Tutor in Editing will take responsibility for a specific project, production or exercise within an area, or for a series of such projects, exercises or productions.

Core Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following.

The Visiting Tutor will be expected to:

  • prepare each exercise thoroughly with students and fellow tutors, in conjunction with the Head of Department in his/her area.



  • take full responsibility, with support from at least one Head of Department, for the smooth practical running of an exercise, workshop, project or production and contribute materially to analysis when it is completed.



  • generate course descriptions of workshops or projects for which (s)he is responsible to conform to the School's standard format in line with the requirements of the MA (validated by the Royal College of Art).



  • participate fully in the School's assessment and evaluation procedures, including preparing and completing all relevant paperwork to schedule to conform to the requirements of the MA (validated by the Royal College of Art).



  • present a written report as requested on the progress, value and result of each exercise or project to the Head of Department and the Director of Curriculum and Registrar in conjunction. These reports should describe and assess the results of the exercises, and review the achievements of the individual students participating. These reports should be relevant for future curriculum planning.



  • ensure that student and course assessments are recorded on relevant forms after all exercises, workshops and projects.



  • attend any tutor or other meetings relevant to the work (s)he is doing at the School.



  • take part in the assessment of application material submitted by prospective candidates for the full-time courses.
  • give a class or lead a workshop on the Induction Workshops run to select students from the shortlist candidates; and/or to sit on Interview Panels to shortlist applicants, if appropriate.
  • Take responsibility with the Head of Department, for the Health and Safety of the Department’s students by ensuring that relevant and continued Health and Safety training is included in the students’ curriculum. The NFTS will provide appropriate training if required.



Your ongoing suitably for roles with NFTS will be assessed from time to time by the appropriate Head of Department.