Executive Director – Industry Partnerships

26 Jun 2013
15 Jul 2013
Job Type

Job title: Executive Director – Industry Partnerships
Reports to: Chief Executive
Location: Kings Cross, London

Job context:

Creative Skillset leads the UK Creative Industries’ skills and talent drive, improving productivity, innovation and competitiveness to achieve a world beating UK Creative Industries sector. We are industry owned and managed and represent the high-value creative sectors of Creative Media, Advertising, Publishing and Fashion & Textiles.

We are a UK-wide organisation and are focussed on delivering our strategic interventions across the four nations of the UK. By harnessing and co-ordinating the collective commitment of employers, trade associations and trade unions across the Creative Industries, we work with and connect our industries with Government, training and education providers so that together we can help our sectors realise their enormous growth potential.

It is well-acknowledged that improvements in education and training lead to rises in economic activity. Some parts of our industries, such as film, in which sector GVA has grown 16% from £163m in 2009 to £188m in 2012, have become convinced of the transformative power of skills and talent development and the dramatic impact it can have on growth and competitiveness. For some time they have been investing collaboratively in the skills they need to succeed. Others, such as high-end television, are just beginning (the 2012 Budget saw the introduction of tax reliefs for animation, high-end television and video games production).

A key objective of the crucial post is that we will have convinced a far wider proportion of creative industries - through strong communication of excellent evidenced-based successes and the development of a strong network of contacts - that this investment in skills is vital. The UK Creative Industries rely on the skills and talent of our people and our people skills and talent are in turn defined by the education and training they receive.

Job purpose:

A senior executive role responsible for overseeing and developing all partnerships with industry and to act as an advocate and catalyst for raising industry co-investment in, and action on, skills and talent development.

Key responsibilities:

• Ensuring that Creative Skillset actively engages with it’s industries by maintaining and supporting existing partnerships and developing new ones.
• Ensuring that UK-wide Skills Strategies are developed and kept updated for each of the industries prioritised in the Business Plan.
• Identifying and prioritising key actions from these strategies with our industries and working with appropriate internal teams to support the development of solutions and appropriate plans for delivery.
• Ensuring UK-wide sector perspectives are developed and implementation is aligned with the work of the Nations Teams and their Action Plans.
• Directing the implementation of Skills Investment Fund arrangements across film, tv, video games, animation and vfx and Line Management of Industry Partnership Managers for these sectors.
• Liaising with the Fund Team to ensure effective disbursement of the Skills Investment Fund investment portfolio.
• Proactively raising awareness of the Creative Skillset levies and the Skills Investment Fund to existing and new sectors to increase take up and involvement
• Encouraging creative businesses, particularly those in publishing, advertising, fashion & textiles to work together and collaborate to develop and invest in skills solutions that meet their needs and achieve, where appropriate, co-investment.
• Identifying key target businesses both within and without the creative Industries to raise investment and sponsorship for initiatives that bring benefit across all industries.
• Providing line management direction and support for the Head of Partnerships to ensure effective delivery our priority out of London core cities strategy.
• Providing line management direction and support for the Head of Film and ensure the effective delivery of the Film Skills Strategy.
• Ensure synergies and collaborative opportunities across the Industry Partnerships Division are fully exploited.
• Encouraging our Board members, patrons and all those closely involved in steering our work to be champions for skills development and advocates of the organisation
• Advising on appropriate and best-practice industry communications strategies and plans to increase engagement and support by working in closely with the communications team

Corporate responsibilities:

•Take ownership of, and contribute to, internal and external communications activity both in their job role and as part of Creative Skillset’s overall strategic objectives.
• Demonstrate a personal commitment to embracing and promoting Creative Skillset’s positive approach to the achievement of acceptance, openness, and equality of opportunity at work for people from under-represented groups (i.e. such as those with disabilities and from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender and Black, Asian and Minority ethnic communities).
• Promote and develop individual and organisational activities which support and enhance environmental sustainability and health and safety objectives.
• Establish good working relationships with both internal and external customers and provide a high quality service which meets their needs.
• Support yours and your colleagues’ activity through a commitment to effective and correct use of corporate tools and resources, including the Wire (Creative Skillset’s intranet) for internal communications and file management, and the CRM (Customer Relationship Management database) for contact management.

This job description is not intended to be either prescriptive or exhaustive. It is issued as a framework to outline the main areas of responsibility at the time of writing. Your manager will, in discussion with you, review the job description at appraisal. It is Creative Skillset’s intention to work with you to update and incorporate changes to your job description as required. However, if agreement cannot be reached, Creative Skillset reserves the right to impose changes.