Production Director and Chief Engineer

Trinity Christian Centre London are redeveloping a 32,000 sq ft World Class Christian Programme Making Studios in London and are now looking for the Production Director and Chief Engineer to run the facility, reporting to the Managing Director.

Brief details follow and we would ask you to e-mail for a more detailed job specification. When applying please take a moment to consider that this is a Church organisation that lifts up the name of Jesus in the programmes we produce; accordingly your Christian testimony and willingness to participate in prayer and biblical training is a pre-requisite to fulfilling the role.

Production Director- Responsible for overseeing studio and remote production (video and audio) at location. This includes pre-production, production, and post production. Establishes proper procedures for set design, lighting, producing, writing, directing, camera operation and editing.  Oversees directors, audio engineers, camera operators, editors and production assistants. Depending on facility may also oversee producers and/or video operators. Schedules productions and crews and establishes production workflow and established system for tracking use of resources.  Depending on background and abilities may also produce, direct and/or edit.

Chief Engineer- Responsible for the set up, operation and maintenance of television equipment (audio, video, post production) at main production facility as well as for remote production equipment and remote production vehicles. Establishes parameters for proper use of equipment, oversees preventive maintenance, and is responsible for equipment being in good operating condition. Makes decisions on whether to fix equipment in-house or send out for repair. Establishes optimum technical work flow and works with Production Director on workflows for specific productions and projects.  Oversees Production Engineers. Monitors air conditioning and heat use for best economical use in facility.